How Strong Is Your Beard Game?

How Strong Is Your Beard Game?

Get a beard trim at our barbershop

Want a beard like James Harden? Step up your beard game by coming to Locker Room Abilene for beard grooming services. We can trim and detail your beard so that you have clean lines and defined edges. We can also shape up your mustache - no more last-minute trims in the mirror before work.

Make sure that you always look well-groomed by keeping your facial hair in check. Visit Locker Room Abilene today to get beard trimming services.

Think only women should get their eyebrows waxed? Think again. Eyebrow waxing will make you look more...

  • Attractive. No one wants to date the guy with caterpillar brows.
  • Professional. Your coworkers won't be distracted by your scruffy eyebrows during your big presentation.
  • Hygienic. Even if you shower every day, overgrown eyebrows will make you look sloppy.

A good men's eyebrow wax shouldn't look like you got your eyebrows waxed - it should look natural. No one will ever know you wax your brows when you come to Locker Room Abilene.